Kevin Fletcher, Clinical Engineering Manager, Weston General Hospital

“Since taking on the Bio-Con 700 units a year ago we have seen a considerable decrease in failure of bladder scanners. The units have been far more reliable than other manufacturers products we have used in the past. I would recommend this product to any potential users as an inexpensive, reliable product with excellent service and support.”.

Stephanie Bastone, Specialist Continence Nurse, Locala Community Partnerships CIC,Huddersfield

“Locala CIC has over the past twelve months, replaced its aged bladder scanners with the CUBEscan BioCon-700 supplied by de Smit Medical. As a specialist continence team we have been very impressed with the functionality, portability and value for money of our new equipment. We have benefited from excellent after sales service and educational support, which has included both our in-house and external educational programmes.”.

Marie Corner, Medical Device Adviser, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

“I would like to thank de Smit Medical for your help and support in the standardising of bladder scanners in Southern Health, as I am sure you can understand this was a substantial undertaking by the Trust with the purchase of 17 units and counting. From Tender to post purchase support you and your team have been wonderful in providing the information we required and the support and training to our staff. The Trust chose to select BioCon700 bladder scanners not only for the quality and costing of the product but also for the customer support. The Trust has always found your support first class and 100% patient focused in supporting our trust to deliver high quality clinical care. Your company has a can do attitude and is aware of the challenges facing health care professionals today. The Trust has great respect for your trainers, especial Ray, who has really helped support the products and our staff’s competency in their use. Your support has been invaluable and has led to greater benefits being realised.”.

Wendy Keegan, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Continence, Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust(Retired)

“I would like to commend de Smit Medical on the speedy turnaround time when calibrating and servicing our bladder scanners. We were contacted to arrange servicing in an efficient and timely manner and received the scanners back within 4 days or less which is vitally important for us to maintain a busy service.”.

Chris Stone, Deputy Head of Clinical Technology, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

"We have been very pleased with the Cube Scan BC500’s which we purchased last year as part of our rolling replacement programme. The units themselves have been very reliable and the service training, user training and support we have got from de Smit Medical has been second to none. I can unreservedly recommend the product and supplier to anyone contemplating purchasing a bladder scanner.”.

Karl Langford, Section Head, Medical Engineering, University Hospitals of Birmingham

“The technical training received on the BioCon-700 Bladder Scanner was well organised and delivered with just the right amount of theory and practical work. All parts of the device were stripped down and examined, followed by the full calibration procedure. A well made device that should be simple to repair and maintain.”.

Bill Brash, Section Head, Medical Engineering, Ayrshire Hospitals, Scotland

“We purchased our first CUBEscan bladder scanner from de Smit Medical almost five years ago. We were very impressed by the quality of the device and by the service and support we received, so we have standardised on them for the county. We now have 32 units and expect to replace the remaining legacy units with scanners from de Smit Medical in the near future” .