Frequently Asked Questions - BioCon-700

Q. What are the contraindications when using the BioCon bladder scanner?
A. Foetal use or pregnant patients.
Patients with Ascites.
Patients with open wounds or damaged skin in the suprapubic region.

Q. Can the BioCon bladder scanners be used with an ultrasound scanning protective sheath?
A. Yes, as long as gel is applied on the probe prior to placing the sheath and then again onthe outside of the sheath.

Q. How accurate are the CUBEscan bladder scanners?
A. All bladder scanners use an algorithm to derive bladder volume. For this reason there will be an error: BioCon-700 +/- 15% or 15ml (0-999ml) whichever is the greatest.      

Q. Why male & female setting?
A. The female setting allows the scanner to compensate for the presence of the uterus:
Set to MALE for any adult patient with no uterus.
Set to FEMALE for any patient with a uterus.

Q. What about transgender patients?
A. Set to MALE for any adult patient with no uterus.
Set to FEMALE for any patient with a uterus.

Q. What is a child?
A. Within the BioCon range, only the BioCon-700 scanner has a child setting. A patient weighing less than 25kg (55lbs) and less than 120cm (47 inches) in height is suitable for child setting (includes neonates).

Q. What is the difference between the child and adult mode?
A. When in either the male or female setting, the scan depth is set at 18cm. In the child mode, the scan depth is set to 8cm.

Q. What about obese patients?
A. In Adult mode, the BioCon scanner scans to a depth of 18cm. This should be taken into account when scanning obese patients. Greater pressure may need to be applied in order to achieve a reading.

Q. Are there any recommended standard settings?
A. Under the scanner set-up facility (home screen) a variety of scanner settings are user definable. The only settings we recommend for the smooth operation of the scanner are described below under the scan set up section:

Should the scanner be deemed not to function correctly, please check that these standard settings are selected.

Q. What is the battery capacity?
A. A fully charged battery will provide up to 4 hours of scanning life (2400 scans). The scanner automatically powers down after 7 minutes of activity (default setting) to preserve the batteries charge level.

Q. What is the battery charge time?
A. It will take 6 hours to charge the battery to its optimum level.

Q. Does the battery need to be removed from the scanner to be charged?
A. The battery charges whilst in-situ in the scanner and does not have to be removed.

Q. Can the scanner be used if the battery is flat?
A. No. The BioCon-700 scanner is battery operated and in the unlikely event that the battery is flat it should be charged for approximately 10 minutes before the scanner is operational again. It is recommended that the scanner is placed on charge before the charge level indicator reaches 1 bar.

Q. Do I need to carry a spare battery?
A. No. The battery capacity and characteristics described above ensure that a spare battery is not required.

Q. Is the BioCon-700 a real-time scanner?
A. No. The BioCon-700 is a bladder volume measurement device however, prior to obtaining the reading, a live image of the bladder is displayed to help locate the bladder for greater accuracy (pre-scan). Once scanning is complete, the scanned image of the bladder will be displayed along with the readings allowing for confirmation of accuracy.

Q. Can the unit be used for determining anything other than bladder volume?
A. No. The BioCon-700 is designed for assessing bladder volume only.

Q. Do I have to manually reposition the probe between different planes to achieve a measurement?
A. No. Once you have located the bladder the unit automatically calculates the bladder volume.

Q. Can any gel be used?
A. No. To ensure greater accuracy, only ultrasound gel should be used and lubricating gel should be avoided which can interfere with the transmission of the ultrasound signal.

Q. Can the Ultrasound probe be immersed in fluid?
A. Absolutely not. This may damage the probe and will invalidate any warranties.

Q. What are the maximum and minimum readings of the CubeScan bladder scanners?
A. The BioCon-700 will display volumes between 0 and 999ml. If a bladder contains more thanthis the scanner will display 999+
NB: An empty bladder can be difficult to locate and may not be visible on the screen. It is recommended to use the pubic bone reflection (white) as an indication that the probe is positioned correctly.

Q. What class is the bladder scanners?
A. Class I, type BF isolated patient-applied parts safety requirements. This device meetsIEC 60601-1.

Q. Is the scanner probe interchangeable between another compatible scanner?
A. No. The probe and scanner are calibrated together and become a matched pair.Re-calibration is required if the probe is swapped.

Q. How often should my bladder scanner be calibrated?
A. It is recommended by the manufacturer that the scanner be calibrated annually.

Q. How many printouts can be achieved from a roll of paper?
A. Approximately 50 results may be printed in raw image mode.

Q. What is the difference between the current reading and the Max reading displayed?
A. The current reading displayed is the reading most recently acquired. The Max reading displayed is the highest volume captured in a sequence of readings. When printing a record,regardless of the most recent reading captured, it is the Max volume and corresponding images that are printed.

NB: When capturing pre and post void measurements, once the pre-void reading has been taken and recorded it is recommended that the ‘new patient’ touch button is selected to clear the reading ready for the post-void phase to be measured.

Q. Is information saved on the scanners internal memory card encrypted?
A. No. However, patient records can only be accessed through the scanners internal review function or by uploading the data to a PC and read using the proprietary software supplied with the scanner.

Q. How many scanned images may be stored on the scanners internal memory card?
A. 2GB – 700 records
4GB – 1400 records

Q. How do I clean my BioCon scanner?
A. Please refer to the cleaning and disinfection section (Information section) of the CUBEscan bladder scanner website.

Q. How many print outs can you get out of a BioCon bladder scanner roll of printer paper?
A. Based on the Mcube paper roll shipped with each scanner, set to raw image view: Approximately 38 scan prints per roll with a warning (red edge print) that there is enough paper left for 4 more print outs.

Based on de Smit Medical's paper roll – box of 20 rolls - raw image view: Approximately 58 scan prints per roll with a warning (red edge print) that there is enough paper left for 4 more print outs.

A. Yes, the BioCon-700 scanner includes a barcode formatted to GS1-128, which provides the model and unit serial number. The GS1-128 barcode is available on BioCon-700 scanners manufactured after June 2015.